Vertical winding packaging machine

FPC- 200铜盘卷包装机

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Advantages of vertical winding packaging machine over manual winding

With the speed of industrial development, among the manufacturers of many products, manual winding is gradually replaced by machine winding. Then what is better about machine packaging than manual packaging? The following are its advantages:

Serial No. characteristic specific description

1. Cost saving

In the case of the same stretch film

Manual packaging cost = 20 m x 0.0125 kg x 14.5 yuan / kg = 3.62 yuan

Machine packaging cost = 8m x 0.0125kg x 14.5 yuan / kg = 1.45 yuan

The packaging cost of machine wrapping film is about half of the manual cost. The more membrane is used, the more cost of membrane is saved.

2 Aesthetics

Compared with the manual packaging, the wrapping film packaging machine is more beautiful and beautiful. It improves the external image of the products of the enterprise, and at the same time improves the image of the enterprise. To improve export value added and export competitiveness;

3. Working efficiency: with the increase of labor cost, compared with manual packaging, winding packaging machine can improve working efficiency, save labor time, reduce labor intensity and reduce packaging cost. The product can be produced and transported out in the shortest and most effective time, which is another advantage of machine packaging. One of the manifestations of enterprise competition is to save the time of product transaction for customers. Manual packaging wastes a lot of manpower and material resources. At the same time, the packaging tightness is uneven, which makes it easier to stamp.

4. The development of transportation enterprises needs logistics equipment. If an enterprise wants to develop more standardized, modern product packaging equipment is not desirable. The transportation of products is a very important link that every enterprise must face. Good packaging can reduce the loss of goods and the operation cost of product transportation.

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