Tire winding packaging machine

轮胎包装机 FPT-300

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The packaging machine specially designed for motorcycle tires meets the convenience of tire packaging. The optional onboard program control system provides touch screen instructions. Complete technical documentation, video and images simplify maintenance and maximize uptime.

Tire winding packaging machine is also known as ring winding packaging machine. It uses stretch film or packaging paper as packaging material to carry out individual packaging of various ring articles. The advantages of the ring winding packaging machine are that it completely replaces the manual winding packaging, the packaging speed is fast, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. The tire winding packaging machine relies on the mechanical arm to swing back and forth at the hole in the center of the goods, and winds the goods along its bending surface.

The automatic winding machine adopts the touch type human-machine interface display screen. As long as the external diameter, internal diameter and width of the goods are randomly input, the microcomputer system can automatically set, including the number of turns of the winding package length. The tyre winding packaging machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which can adjust the overlapping degree of winding film according to the packaging requirements. It has the function of labeling, which makes the packaging more solid. It can print the company’s brand and guard against counterfeiting.


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