Is your packaging environmentally responsible?2-1

Today we are discussing how we should consider the sustainability of the packaging we use on a daily basis. This requires us to consider not only whether the items are sustainable, but also the emissions produced during production and the space taken up by the packaging. She looks at the following items in order.

Cardboard boxes – are they recyclable – absolutely!

Jiffy Mailers and Courier Bags – Here are some to consider.

1.Plastic on Plastic – such as black or white Armor padded mailing bags – while these are made from 100% LDPE, we don’t have any curbside recycling available for these –For Plastic on Plastic padded mailing bag options, these bags have at least 15% recycled content. The manufacturer will also send any secondary LDPE to a recycler!

2. Paper on Paper – Examples include the Jiffy Gusset Mailer Bag (made of heavy-duty kraft paper), Jiffy Rigi Mailer (made of ultra-rigid kraft fiberboard construction), Jiffy Padded Bag (made of heavy-duty kraft paper with a 100% recycled paper fiber interior), and Jiffy Utility Mailers ( Heavy-duty double-ply paper mailing envelopes – made of 50% recycled paper)

Paper outer and plastic inner – There is no curbside recycling facility for these products at this time, but with the environment in mind, the manufacturer has ensured that the kraft outer is made of 100% recycled content and the foam inner contains at least 15% recycled content.

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