Check out the features of different bale wrapping machines!2-1

As they pack bundles, strapping machines seal tighten and distribute the straps. These machines are perfect for books, boxes, calcium plastic, cartons, rigid and flexible packaging and many other products. Using a strapping machine is really advantageous because they use innovative mechatronics technology that reduces workload, generates more returns and gets the job done without taking too much time. There are many wrapping machine manufacturers and wrapping machine suppliers from whom you can buy these machines at very affordable prices and these machines come with a guarantee or warranty. There are many types of strapping machines and some of them are as follows.

1.Automatic strapping machine

When you buy a fully automatic strapping machine, it comes with a fully automatic system. Offering heavy-duty maneuverability, they are also light in weight. To precisely locate the strap, they also use photoelectric sensors. Most of them can be used for parallel or single strapping. Fully automatic strapping machines can be used for heavy-duty packaging and are suitable for long periods of time. You can use them together with conveyors and sealers to fully automate your packaging line.

2. Semi-automatic strapping machines

Purchasing fully automatic machines is not mandatory, but you can also purchase semi-automatic strapping machines that are equally beneficial to you. These machines are made with advanced and latest technology and are made of quality materials for durability. They offer accurate performance. Their best feature is that since they are semi-automatic, they are very easy to operate and you don’t even need a lot of operating knowledge to use it. They are also cheaper than the automatic ones.

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