automatic coil packing line control and discustion

Steel Coil Packaging line


There are Only two points for the coil packing line.

Now, when the key off in the control panel, all is machine stopped. And the button panel in the machine stop too.

What we mean in point 24 is: There must be two systems with keys: One of them must be on the control panel, and the other one in the button panel. Using the key in the button panel will allow the operators to control the wrapping machine from the button panel, and disallow the control panel, so there is no conflict of information.

On the other hand, it will be the same. If the key in the control panel is used, the button panel will be disallowed and the operator will only be able to use the control panel to control the machine. The key will not be used for turning the machine on and off, but for toggling between the different controls of the machine.

The system to turn the machine on and off would be included in the lower part of the control panel: Signaled with red circles in the photo at the right you can find the switch. When the door is closed, both parts with the red circle are assembled, and the system at the door can be used to turn the machine on and off.

I don’t understand this.

As you can appreciate in the pictures below, in the drawing, you can see that the wide part of the support frame is supposed to be in the same part as the ring and the security barrier. However, in the picture taken by Joseba you can see that it’s the opposite way. The wide part of the frame is on the opposite side of the ring. It must be changed 180º to comply what it’s said in the coil packing line drawing.


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