A glimpse of horizontal stretch wrapping machine industry trends 3-2

The beverage, pharmaceutical, and food industries are changing day by day, which is having a significant impact on the growth of the stretch wrapping machine industry. These industries have been looking for the perfect and efficient packaging solutions that horizontal stretch wrapping machines can offer using their innovative mechatronics. This has led to the use of horizontal stretch wrappers replacing the use of shrink wrappers. The increase in consumption and production of processed foods and the increased demand for frozen and refrigerated products has also led to the growth of such packaging machines.

A major concern for commuters is traffic congestion. This is the result of relentless urbanization. Traffic data tells us that global traffic congestion increased by 13 percent after 2008. In 2010, traffic congestion wasted nearly 7 billion gallons of fuel worldwide and delayed people by 9 billable hours. Proper packaging can prevent products from being wasted or spoiled over a longer period of time. This has led to the growth of the horizontal winder industry.

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