ultra – tool

Edge of knife body (concave edge downward).

Use the patented milloc feature for circular insertion: mil-loc keeps circular inserts under load and ensures 8 indexes. Use 1/16 “hexadecimal keys, each cutter, rotating screws from the back, to make the semi-dog on the special millock screw approximately. 030 “. Make sure the screw thread is not at the bottom of the pocket. Insert the insert into your pocket for alignment with the mil – loc screw in the tool pocket behind the blade. Tighten the insert with a central screw. When using octagonal or square inserts, be sure to fully recover milo’s screws.

Now, ultra – tool more than ever to provide a “total solution” : high quality tungsten carbide products, with reasonable price, to bring you the highest value in the market. Consistent with our concept of value driving, supertools provide:

The main function

Complete product line

Consistency of values

Customer-centric services

All products are made in the United States in our own ISO 9001:2000 certification factory with the best computer numerical control (CHNC) production equipment.

Techniques for round tools and tool alliances:

We stick to the details of creating the best cutting tools. Our reward is to meet customers’ needs by improving their factory productivity. If there is no different ideas, we may not be the best, so in a 45 years of operating history, we have developed proprietary technology, the technology produced significant characteristics of cutting tool, not as you find in other places:

  • polished edge for extreme sharpness and lubricity.
  • smooth design = precision grinding, tool keeping, and minimum TIR tolerance.
  • smooth coating = SPV based SuperNitride PHVD coating for surface hardness and uniformity.
  • grease surface and edge preparation and minimize friction.

CHBN series: cubic nitride boron 2 flute microball end milling cutter

The high speed and high accuracy of quenching steel are as high as 70HRc. • solid CHBN heads produce extremely hard and durable cutting surfaces

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