MDS mini drill

Features and applications

Deep hole drill –

The new groove shape guarantees good bit rigidity and chip evacuation.

In vf = 500mm/min (1.3mm in diameter, SUS416 equivalent), the depth of borehole is more than 20x hole depth.

Stable chip control is best reduced and edge balanced.

— long tool life

Special coating provides a variety of working materials for cutter life.

Improved chip evacuation makes it possible to reduce the fluctuation of spindle load, ensuring stable tool life.

MHDUS & MHDSS micro – mini drill

MHDUS Mirco drill

High precision handle

Handle the tolerance: h3

Concentration: 0.3 mu m or less

Roundness: 0.5 mu m or less

The diameter ranges from 0.030 mm to 0.180mm

Wide range of materials

– applicable to stainless steel, stainless steel, copper processing

MDS mini drill

Diameter from 0.20 mm to 1.00 mm

Due to hard and stable hard alloy matrix and highly rigid design, high fracture resistance is caused

Long tool life is due to the PHVD coating, especially the small diameter drill

Data link control layer

DLC or “diamond-carbon” coatings with special special network thinning reduce the cutting resistance

For nonferrous metal applications

We recommend using NHGS for casting aluminum, aluminum casting, casting aluminum alloy, brass casting and bronze casting.

WHGX Wavemill series

The WHGX wave series applies to all facemilling applications, with excellent surface finish, and eliminates burrs because of its unique plug-in chip design. The WHGX valve body and the insertion combination raise operational accuracy. Additional WHGX benefits include lower cutting force, because of its high inclination, the optimized edge treatment of long tool life with a new super ZX and super FF coating.

Adopt AHCM grade stainless steel

In the WHGX series milling machine, try using AHCM200 and AHCM300 to insert the grades of stainless steel and singular material milling. ACM200 is a CHVD class with excellent wear resistance and heat resistance, which is suitable for grinding of hardened materials. The AHCM300 is a PHVD class with high balance of wear and anti-fracture properties and is the first recommendation of stainless steel milling.