hole drill SRL

  • The SRG type used to stop the hole/hole drill, as shown, is evacuated to the front on the chip.

    Through the hole drill SRL, as shown in the figure above, is evacuated to the back.

    WHDX relocable training: widely used

    The WHDXT insertion has three levels (AHCP300 of steel, AHCK300 of cast iron, DHL1500 for non-ferrous materials) and three chips (L for lower feed price, G for general use, H for higher feed price).

    Drill PHDL slump

    The PHDL type has a central insert that makes it possible to cut the radial cut over the radius of the tool, the bitumen feed cutting and drilling. PDL has 2X and 3X.

    PHCT slump mill

    The PHCT type has effective teeth (2 or 3 diameters in diameter) so that it can be advanced to the cutting (corner, reaming, deep grooving, etc.). The PHCT has 3X and 5X styles.

    SMD replaceable point drill

    • available metric and inch diameter from 0.4688 “-1.6535” (42.0mm)
    • a steel body that can be used three times, 5X, 8X, and now 1.5 times and 12 times diameter, can accept multiple diameters
    • 4 training techniques to maximize performance:
    • standard edge preparation for SMDT – mtl-steel application
    • preparation of microoptical edge for superalloys, stainless steel and cast iron
    • SMDT – mtl-c-chamfering, removing fracture in cast iron
    • SMDT – mfs-180 degree flat edge 1.5 xd bit
    • SHMD hard alloy tip has the patent wear-resistant DEXTM coating of sumitomo
    • the ground saw on the back of the drill allows for precise assembly and excellent repeatability

    The drill point can be reground

    • cool through the drill body

    Simple assembly

    SHMD assembly – DEX

    1). Confirm that the drill point is compatible with the drill body, and the diameter range listed on the rod is listed.

    2). Place SHMD replaceable hard alloy head on SHMD drill body and arrange the screw mounting hole in order.