GHWB toolbar

  • fine wear and thermal cracking resistance of gray iron high speed machining
  • optimize cast iron applications with three different edges: standard, H (sharper) and HGS (stronger)

Characteristics and advantages of BHN7500:

  • new powder metal finishing grade, providing excellent finish surface finish
  • five edge preparation of any hard machining sintered alloy
  • by reducing the variation of the surface roughness of the early milling surface, the processing stability is provided by the le side treatment, and the surface finish is emphasized
  • LHS is good at breaking and cutting edge balance and supporting light completion, including light cutting

Permissive holder

  • side cutting edge Angle
  • holder vertical Angle
  • clamp state

Standard wiper insertion tolerance change

  • wiper Angle
  • insert vertical angles

GHWB toolbar features and advantages:

  • double clamping system provides reliable hard steel grooves

Has nothing to do, 80 ° to vent installation style inserted increase stiffness

  • the width and range of slot operations are very wide
  • new special coating CHBN BHNC30G extends tool life

Features and advantages of DHA1000:

  • excellent strength and abrasion resistance
  • 1.5 times more stringent than conventional PHCD levels
  • excellent milling and heavy interrupt turning applications
  • new chips can meet your personal needs

High frequency of diamond milling cutter

High – frequency aluminum cutting machine with air/coolant adopts unique insertion design to eliminate burr and achieve surface polishing effect.

Partial material

Aluminium and aluminium alloy

  • other nonferrous metals

Not suitable for cast iron or steel

Efficient reamer

Based on HGSK taper positioning, the radial beat accuracy of two contact points is less than 4 and the face contact ensures excellent power transmission. The SHR reamer achieves efficiency through high speed, high feeding capacity (SFM: 160-650 and feed rate: 0.0157 ~ 0.03937 IPR). Compatibility with extensive cutting conditions allows less stringent operation parameters and coolant control. Minimum cutting edge length design eliminates bite and tear, improves quality and reliability. Tip diameter can range from 11.9 to 140.6 mm.