GHS & HHGS solid

3). Insert assembly screw, tighten screw mounting hole and tighten.

Note: only when SHMD replaceable carbide head is in the correct position, installation screws will be installed.

GHS & HHGS solid carbide bit

MHDW GHS & HGS solid carbide bit

Long tool life

Cutting edge design and special DEX coating provide a long tool life in all kinds of work materials

Stable chip evacuation

Flute design and wide – chip pocket can be used for chip management and evacuation

Stable cutting

A stable drill can keep the smallest vibration even on a small machine


Compatible with MHQL (minimum number lubrication) system

MHDF flat drill

Flat drill

The planar multi-drill MHDF type is a solid carbide bit which can be used for various purposes including drilling and drilling on inclined surfaces and surfaces.



Low is suitable for various kinds of drilling due to the 180 ° Angle.

It is suitable for high efficiency surface, drilling on non-horizontal surface, such as tilt and cylinder, and discontinue drilling. Also reduces the burr of the hole outlet.

Improve the processing stability

Use RHS to refine, achieve high hardness, ensure the bottom thick network.

Excellent chip evacuation

Excellent chip evacuation is achieved by wide chip pocket and high quality rake face shape.

Great frontier force

Excellent cutting edge strength is achieved through optimized cutting edge design.

Deep hole drilling

New flute shape and improved chip evacuation in deep drilling. Effective drilling depth of more than 30 times diameter. Stable deep hole drilling for double margin design.

Long tool life

Special DEX coating provides long tool life for all kinds of work materials.

MHLDH micro drill

General characteristics

The micro – length drill is a high efficient drilling hole for drilling deep, small diameter hole. These new generation, small diameter hole drills are characterized by enhanced strength – usually the problem areas of small diameter bits.