And the slot holding device

Features and benefits

  • new dual clamping system provides reliable hard steel grooves

Has nothing to do, 80 ° to vent installation style inserted increase stiffness

  • the width and range of slot operations are very wide
  • new special coating CHBN BHNC30G extends tool life

High rigid body

The GHND series is designed for grooving, which is characterized by a single structure made of special steel structure. The design reduces chat and provides a steady performance shift, analysis, and face.

A wide range of Chipbreakers

The GHND series provides eight types of crushers for various machining applications. Provide consistent chip control under various conditions.

High rigid body

By using the die steel and one-piece structure, the stable processing is achieved by suppressing the flutter, not only in the slot, but also in the steering, copying and operation.

All kinds of chipbreakers

The secd-gnd series has seven different chips for processing applications.

Cutting performance

To eliminate the chattering

High rigidity design reduces vibration by 30% compared with traditional tools.

The series includes a groove width of 1.25, 1.5, 2.0, and 3.0 mm.

Reduce vibration and achieve efficient machining

It reduces the vibration during the slotting process, while inheriting the high rigid GHND series.

Reduce chip control problem

In order to improve chip control under different conditions, we added GHF types of chips.

Low cutting resistance of broken machine GHF type

  1. Work reduces buffeting.
  2. Suitable for low power equipment such as small lathe.
  3. The product reduces the adhesion of tools and realizes the long knife life of stainless steel.

Excellent chip control and reduce the cutting resistance due to the sharp Angle of 30 ° cutting-edge design and reduce the frictional resistance and contacts by chip control.


Newly developed technology of high adhesion to the crystal to control technology,

end mill for stainless steel