cutting tool

CHVD single cutting tool for resin material

This new type of single crystal diamond material makes it suitable for mirror cutting of difficult resin materials, such as polycarbonate, and large area of outer cutting.

Ultra-precision diamond cutting hardened steel, hard alloy and glass are possible with dedicated UPC

The characteristics of elliptical vibration cutting

  1. Mirror finish of stainless steel and stainless steel
  2. Stable mirror finish of hard alloy and glass
  3. High precision Angle cutting
  4. The work about 41 KHZ high frequency makes ȝ 1 m or more elliptical vibration
  5. The ultra-precision elliptical vibration trajectory tracking technology is less than 1nm
  6. The small vibration of the product can be connected with ultra-precision machinery or machining center
  7. With ac 100V work, no special installation is required

Amazing cutting ability and cutting tool life ensure high precision and efficient machining.

The Features

  1. Single crystal diamond material for work

CHVD method.

These tools have the general characteristics of single crystal diamond. Increased surface area to reduce costs.

  1. Longer tool life

100% diamond material has no binder. These tools live longer or longer than PHCDS.

  1. Mirror finish and no burrs

Through polishing and sharpening cutting edge, the cutting resistance reduces to a third of PHCD, improves machining accuracy and reduces burr.

  1. The long front

The larger surface area of the stone is used to ensure the stable supply of the cutting edge of 6 mm or above.

PHCD rotation tool


Multiple parts can be processed in a single channel using an integrated approach

A tool for step formation.

  1. Diamond provides a significantly improved tool life (10 times or longer).
  2. The product has a fast cutting speed and good machining surface

More than 300 meters per minute.

  1. Even in the use of emulsion water solubility, stable cutting is possible

The coolant. According to your environment, half dry cut is also possible.


Non-ferrous metals (aluminum alloy, copper alloy, resin, etc.)


UHPC – Nano tank

UHpc – r has achieved remarkable success in the field of ultra-precision spherical and aspheric cutting applications.


It shows its potential in high efficiency ultra-precision cutting into planar and cylindrical shape


  1. The work is greatly reduced or exempted from running in processing time.
  2. According to the working materials and processing conditions, the uniform and high quality work surfaces can be obtained by setting the roundness of the cutting edge (sharpness).


  1. Work laser reflector
  2. Mirror of a polygon
  3. Product photocopier
  4. Flat and cylindrical mirror processing

It is suitable for fine grooves such as these

Fresnel lens


  1. The working cutting edge is uniform, very sharp, not affected by the cutting and fluctuation.
  2. The shape of the cutting edge is guaranteed in order of sub-micron order.


  1. Work liquid crystal optical guide mould
  2. Fresnel lens mould
  3. Product optical board mould
  4. Various diffraction grating molds
  5. Other good open slot

By measuring and optimizing the direction of the crystal, the life of cutter can reach a stable and long life.

The Features

  1. The working tool life is not too scattered, which is the defect of single crystal diamond tool, which is 1.5 to 2 times longer than conventional tool.
  2. Our initial design of insert and holder combinations makes easy and precise tool Settings, such as indexable insert.
  3. The product has inserts for direct cutting and inserts for bending surface. Form accuracy
  4. No adhesion, no adhesion, high quality work surfaces in continuous use.
  5. Diamond is firmly attached with a unique brazing method.
  6. Even during interrupted cutting, it has a high durability.
  7. Work. Unlike traditional fixed caps, there is no fixed cover to fix the diamond, so that the chip can move smoothly on the rake face and improve the machining accuracy.


  • auto parts (piston, aluminum wheel, compressor, commutator, etc.)
  • plastic lens, resin parts
  • hard disk parts
  • non-ferrous metal parts, such as alloy die casting alloys.

Crystal diamonds

Crystal diamonds.

Our advanced development process is the most accurate

Advantages of measuring tools. Therefore, our diamond cutting tools achieve high-precision workpiece cutting in the order of nanoscale.

Identify the anisotropy of the atoms in single crystal diamond and pursue the optimal crystal orientation

The selection and selection of single crystal diamond is the starting point, which can be used in order of nanoscale to create a tool for the pursuit of sharpness. The lattice constant of diamond is usually 3.5667 A, but the distance between the crystal surface changes, resulting in the ease of cleavage and the intrusion of impurities. Therefore, the classification of rough diamond is important on the basis of processing conditions.

Cutting edge polishing technology to produce nano-controlled motion

In order to accurately produce nano-controlled motions on the workpiece, cutting tools need to have a sharp cutting edge that can produce nano-sized chips and high-precision contours.

We have achieved this by using unique polishing and measurement techniques.

The lithography or ion beam method cannot achieve straightness and surface roughness

With its cutting-edge sharpness, the upc-nano series of the series, with its nanoscale, A.L.M.T. series, achieves the surface roughness and straightness that the photolithography or ion beam method cannot obtain.

The technology also applies to the micrometers of the high width ratio.

Long tool life is realized in mirror finish and carbide finishing

Overview of the characteristics of SUMIDIA

  • dozens of nanoparticles of fine particles are tightly bound together without a binder.

Harder than a single crystal diamond.

There is no anisotropic and specific cleavage.

The characteristics of the BHL – UPC

  • compared with single/polycrystalline diamond, it has excellent cutting force and abrasion resistance.
  • sharp and precise cutting edges, equivalent to UPC (single crystal diamond).
  • no uniform abrasion caused by any anisotropic crystal orientation.


  • hard alloy glass lens mould
  • the large mold of the prism and the guide plate
  • glass lenses
  • other high hardness and brittle materials processing


The SHX rotary dressing table is a combination of our excellent technology with the original design of diamond, precision sintering technology and excellent shaping technology. As a result, SHX has high value in grinding applications that require sharpening. It can also be effective in wire trimming and contour trimming.

X – type rotary trimmer is a kind of metal adhesive impregnated with diamond gravel. The concentration and uniform distribution of diamond gravel is freely chosen to make it have high performance. This type applies to our vita and

As the wheel.

A rotary dresser with a regular pattern of rhombic granules in reverse electroplating. The concentration of diamond can be controlled according to requirements. The SHZ type provides effective input for large rotary dressing table.

High precision of the

The accuracy of rotating dresser is increasingly strict, ranging from micron to submicron. In order to ensure accuracy, we have established a very advanced detection system.

The crown dresser


  1. Working CHVD diamond provides high wear resistance, such as single crystal diamond.
  2. A stable, stable area with a prism.
  3. The product does not have the cost benefit of rework.
  4. Adjust the diamond size and distribution so that it can optimize the dressing performance

Worm wheel and worm wheel need a high profile precision, a capable and accurate dresser. Our high precision electroplating technology and surface shaping technology can realize the “higher precision” and “longer life” of gear grinding.

Diamond is superior to “hardness”, “thermal ductility” and “sharp edge” of polishing. It is used for cutting tool materials. The diamond cutter has the characteristics of ultra-precision, long service life, high machining efficiency and high cutting precision.

As a leading manufacturer of ultra-precision diamond cutting tools, the company offers a wide range of nano and micro – shaped tools to meet market demand.

Our years of experience and knowledge have given us a comprehensive understanding of the single best physical features

High shaping performance

The optimum grinding effect is obtained by combining diamond gravel and vitrified binder. Single-crystal continuous grinding is now available.

In particular, the process of grinding wheel has the same feeding rate as the grinding process of silicon chip.

Nanomate premium

It is suitable for the wafer grinding of semiconductor power devices

Ƒ from Grit size and working surface chip (SiC)

The newly developed vitrified binder has high solid sand rate and porosity for rough processing, and the efficient continuous process is realized. It is suitable for materials such as sapphire and SiC, which are not easy to cut. Compared with conventional grinding wheel, it can provide 2 ~ 3 times the feed.

The MHT bond is a new kind of metal binding agent, which is made to achieve the best grinding ability, which combines the advantages of the combination of resin and metal.

Diamond grinding wheel can effectively grind ceramic, carbide, ceramic and quartz. On the other hand, CHBN grinding wheel is used for non-ferrous metal materials. For grinding wheel surface grinding and peristaltic grinding, MT key wheel is recommended to maintain its grinding capacity.

MHT key wheel – pursuit of ideal grinding wheel

Applicable to all kinds of workpieces, such as hard alloy, ceramic, high speed steel, etc. Surface grinding of glass, various ceramics and steel is recommended using mt30,40 and 50.

High shaping performance

Ɣ HMB spark to make shorter hours fast calibration with high precision grinding machine using special low melting point metal bond for discharge dressing. The use of ultrabatting fine grain abrasive, obtained the further benefit. Get good flatness in a short time.

The next generation of double disk grinding


It is applicable to the surface quality improvement of automobile and household appliances in energy saving and miniaturization. Compared with traditional resin bond grinding wheel, the time of adding electricity is extended.




  • ceramic surface grinding, surface grinding, slotting, detrital grinding, etc.
  • various grinding, including hard alloys and ceramics


Special metal filler is adopted to improve the thermal radiation intensity. By reducing the heat of sand and bonding after heat treatment, good cutting ability and tool life are achieved.


The combination of fine sand grain retention and pore structure has achieved good grinding ability and wear resistance, thus achieving high efficiency and high precision grinding

Peripheral grinding carbide blade

  1. Working conditions

1) machine: CNC grinding machine

2) workpiece: hard alloy

3) coolant: water solubility

4) the wheel

  • SHD400N100BFX (wing main type-r)
  • shd400-100b (produced by another company)


  • high efficiency and low cost grinding, with high grain storage capacity

Easy to use, improve the performance of dressings.


Industry: automobiles, bearings, household appliances, tools, gears, molds and mould parts: CAM, crankshaft, injection needle, rocker, compressor, bearing, ball screw, motor, etc.

Such as the wheel

The Features

  • a special diamond rotary dresser for simple dressing and trimming on the grinder
  • excellent running and formal accuracy in short time on grinding machine
  • precise alignment of surface roughness, productivity and cutting edges of wheel life


Industry: machine tools, household appliances, automobiles, bearings

Workpiece: ceramic and carbide

Solid diamond grit and high porosity of vitrification combine with a special diamond layer to provide lower grinding force and improve grinding operation.

Achieve flatness is less than 1 mu m Ø 300 silicon wafers, made grinding materials, including semiconductor, electric and other materials. Low grinding force reduces the load on the workpiece and the grinder. The nano-v-xin nano-acid salt is used for grinding the coarse-grained wafers and ultrafine wafers, while ultra-fine ceramics completely subvert the wisdom of the traditional grinding wheel. The application of material technology and production technology makes ultra-fine grinding possible.

Its effectiveness to reduce the damage layer brittle material such as polish – reduction Ø 300 mm silicon wafers and prevent cracks in the thin layer device chip.

Dry mill

We have a rich product line: “weixin” application of CHBN, “EG WHEEL” for hard alloy and ceramics, and “nanomaterials”, which are suitable for ultra-fine processing of semiconductor materials. The surface of the abrasive is nickel-plated and its surface has various precise forms. Our products are widely used in various materials.

The Features

  1. Good grinding ability
  2. The rotary dresser on the machine can operate the vitreation and trimming of the vita
  3. Special adhesive technology can be used for high speed grinding.


  1. Excellent wear resistance of work, due to its great outstanding characteristics (with good chip discharge performance).
  2. Due to a large number of active particles, maintain a good shape.

The product is easy to form and the body is reusable


Steel, hard alloy, semiconductor materials, ceramics, etc.

It is suitable for high speed grinding


Hard alloy, ceramic, magnetic material, steel and other forming grinding.

Rubber, FRP, etc. Dry mill.

The flute is best suited for super – heat – resistant resin with special packing. It has excellent cutting performance and tool life.

It is suitable for open slot applications of all kinds of tools, such as end milling, bit, reamer and peristaltic grinding.


  • super heat resistant resins can help reduce the deterioration of heat.
  • excellent cutting ability and shape memory ability, even for heavy grinding, such as peristaltic grinding.
  • compared with the traditional wheels, the high feed rate and the long dressing interval can improve the efficiency and reduce the cost.


  • end milling, bit and reamer grooves
  • insert chip grinding
  • heavy grinding of various tools (including special steel tools)

Applicable to metal ceramic grinding


The hybrid wheel is made for the high efficiency grinding of metal ceramics and is a difficult material to cut. Because of the microsection of the special metal binder, it has excellent grinding ability and long tool life due to the function of resin bond matrix


THSX series

  • the new CHVD coating of sumitomo, Absotech platinum, creates high reliability edge treatment for steel turning.
  • new grade high adhesion, surface treatment smooth, newly developed high functional coating, reduced tensile stress, greatly reduced fragmentation.

Sharp blade sharpness greatly reduces shaking.

THSX series

Features and benefits

THSX offers superior metal removal rates

  • using the newly developed hard alloy stamping/sintering process and precision grinding process, the peripheral ground inserts produce incredible precision and excellent surface finish
  • use cost effective 4 – Angle grounding tolerance insertion
  • tangent insert insert, which achieves the optimal edge sharpness and the optimization of sidewall precision
  • THSX has two insertion dimensions, providing maximum depth of 8mm (.315) and 12mm (.473).
  • THSX provides the strength required to increase the intensity required for small operations to heavy processing applications

The main component of resin binder is thermosetting resin. Phenolic resin is mainly used in polyimide resins, which has good heat resistance and is becoming more and more common. Our products are widely used in various materials.

Metal bonds consist of various alloys: copper, tin, steel, cobalt and tungsten. MHT key wheel application (we) special metal bond has excellent grinding ability and long tool life, which is highly recommended by ceramic, carbide and ceramic.

The Features

  1. The elastic properties of work resin make its surface roughness extremely good.
  2. Excellent wear resistance, can be used for grinding ability of various materials.


  1. High wear resistance and wear resistance make the cutter life longer.
  2. It has good glass and ferrite grinding ability.


Metal materials such as hard alloy, metal ceramic, high-speed steel, etc., from rough grinding to grinding process, processed into fine ceramic, ferrite, glass and other materials


For glass, ceramics, ferrite, semiconductor materials, stone materials and other materials for rough grinding

Ceramic bonded grinding wheel

Vitreous binder is glass substrate ceramics, which has been used in traditional grinding wheel for years.

GHSX Endmills

GHSX Endmills USES high-wear-resistant and heat-resistant GHSX coatings to improve reliability and long tool life in a wide range of working materials. The combination of the big dip and the distinctive flute profile helps to improve sharpness and chip evacuation. By inhibiting the change, the outer diameter tolerance is reduced by 2/3. Compared with the traditional method, the diameter adjustment is not required when replacing the tool. GHSX has high surface precision with high rigidity, long cutting edge length (4D)/ >

GHSXVL vibration type

The optimal irregular spacing of GHSXVL and irregular lead can greatly improve the grinding force and anti-fracture performance, and achieve high speed, high feed and low cutting force. GHSXVL realizes the round land, greatly improves the processing surface quality.

(circle phi 5mm or more.)

GHSXB Ballnose

The combination of ultrafine carbide substrates with new coatings improves heat resistance and wear resistance. GHSXB reduces the cutting force and has a strong helical angular R cutting edge. GHSXB improves the ability of the chip to evacuate through its unique pocket shape + widened pocket area.

Designed and built in the United States for more than 40 years

In July 2007, sumitomo acquired Ohio state university in the gran river near Cleveland, Ohio

26,000 square feet of manufacturing space

  • specializes in providing some specific special insert tools for a wide range of applications
  1. A trusted family

High performance insertion:

Sumitomo’s engineering division integrates our extensive insertion with high performance geometry, rank and coating.

Answer: unparalleled service:

Sumitomo’s design department will be a one-stop shop for your tools: we will not only customize tools, but we will provide support, services and installation to help meet customer needs.

  1. Custom tooling to meet

Unique requirements:


Sintered diamond tool material


Tool blank “SUMIDIA blank”

Synthetic single crystal diamond tool material


Cutting tool blank “SUMICRYSTAL UP”



Features and benefits


PHWS series

PHWS series

The PHWS Shoulder milling cutter series has the ability to process various materials, including steel and cast iron.

The shoulder mill of PHWS is constantly increasing with an unprecedented cutting edge strength. Its two steps insert the array structure in response to deep cutting requirements, while the optimized circuit breaker provides excellent edge sharpness and cutting ability. A17mm insertion allows special material removal. Insert serrated design with high precision molding technology to provide steady milling (even in large suspension applications).

Large diameter selection

The diameter of this PHWS is 2000 “-10.000”, which is in both coarse and fine diameters.

Waxes for

It is characterized by high speed and high efficiency. The wax series cutter makes the processing cost and time of non-ferrous materials much lower. The wax series also provides special high level and helical milling aluminum alloy. For the sake of safety, this series prevents the cutter from invalidation by inhibiting the insertion of centrifugal force.

DHLC package insert

The wax insertion has two insert styles, DHL1000 and H1. DL1000 is a kind of DLC coating (type diamond carbon coating), which significantly improves adhesion. H1 is the polishing stage of aluminum profile for aerospace industry.

Goal – Mill cutter

The cutter has the screw lock which is cut to the installation, used for the high efficiency roughing and processing of cast iron parts. The target machine USES a multi-blade design (about 3 teeth per inch). Both GHFX and GHFS complete with easy to use tool eccentric fine-tuning mechanism to adjust 5 mu m or lower jump. Circular arc type insertion for low cutting force.


Ability to master tools

Master Tool, LLC. Can provide customized milling cutters to suit your specific application and customization tools.

GHSX Endmills:S and C

The GHSX Endmills includes extended processing applications with two cutting edge profiles. The lineup includes a sharp-centered s-shaped (sharp edge) and a c-shaped (enhanced edge: gray-ground) centered on the fracture. Fine grained hard alloy matrix has excellent toughness and thermal shock resistance, improving the reliability of wet machining.