Wrapping machine

Equipment name:Wire Coil wrapping machine


Quantity: 1set

coil packing machine, coil stretch wrapper

The following are machine special design and key performance of our this machine. I made an explanations for you as follows:

1.PLC control program are used for automatic operation.
2.Parameters can be set on the control program with English.
3.Packing tension can be adjusted, more coordinated action, and packaging more beautifull and tidy.
4.Inverter for ring speed adjusting.

5.Ring speed and Roller speed adjustable by convertor.

6.Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs.

7.Motor auto trolley car forward/backward moveable.

8.Motor for frame auto up/down adjustable for different coils size.

9.Automatic packing material feeder& cutting system.
10.Ring start soft and stop softly.
11.Rotate roll and centering roll covered with PU for products protection.
12.Machine parts are all world famous brands, and it is easy to find local suppliers of the brands in your country when needed.

List of Main parts


Description Brand
Frequency Converters DELTA / Omron/siemens
PLC siemens
Motor Dongli/Delta
Sensor Autonics
Switch Schneider
Contactor Schneider

More information: https://www.fhopepack.com

卧式软管卷包装机 环体缠绕包装机



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自动 钢丝 线卷 环体立式缠绕包装机 缠绕打包机



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automatic coil packing line control and discustion

Steel Coil Packaging line


There are Only two points for the coil packing line.

Now, when the key off in the control panel, all is machine stopped. And the button panel in the machine stop too.

What we mean in point 24 is: There must be two systems with keys: One of them must be on the control panel, and the other one in the button panel. Using the key in the button panel will allow the operators to control the wrapping machine from the button panel, and disallow the control panel, so there is no conflict of information.

On the other hand, it will be the same. If the key in the control panel is used, the button panel will be disallowed and the operator will only be able to use the control panel to control the machine. The key will not be used for turning the machine on and off, but for toggling between the different controls of the machine.

The system to turn the machine on and off would be included in the lower part of the control panel: Signaled with red circles in the photo at the right you can find the switch. When the door is closed, both parts with the red circle are assembled, and the system at the door can be used to turn the machine on and off.

I don’t understand this.

As you can appreciate in the pictures below, in the drawing, you can see that the wide part of the support frame is supposed to be in the same part as the ring and the security barrier. However, in the picture taken by Joseba you can see that it’s the opposite way. The wide part of the frame is on the opposite side of the ring. It must be changed 180º to comply what it’s said in the coil packing line drawing.




  • 风鼎机械提供的钢卷包装机能够改善您的缝隙盘卷由不同的材料包装。这是一种通过环眼包装进行盘卷包装的解决方案,这是一种灵活高效的设备。有根据您的需要修改解决方案。它由我们的团队提供,以满足铜线圈,铝线圈,狭缝线圈的特殊需求……每个线圈数据和处理过程都有自动线圈缠绕解决方案。以下提供解决方案所需的信息:
  •               •ID,OD,宽度,线圈重量
  •               •什么是包装材料
  •               •包装速度
  •    包装概念是卷材包装机设计的组成部分。该机器在线圈的所有表面上放置一层紧密的薄膜。这层紧密的薄膜消除了包装中的大部分空气。通过减少包装中的空气量,降低了形成水分的可能性,从而降低了腐蚀或水斑的可能性。





stretch wrapper and packing material

I think this the email we have both been waiting for.
Can you please send me a Proforma for the wrapper as per your last quotation and include 1000kg of 250mm wide wrapping film. also please inform me you your closest shipping port.


I’m interested in your product China manufacture quality semiauto window orbital wrapping machine, I would like some more details.
I look forward for your reply.


As you know, the wrapping machine designing and manufacturing by ourself. So there is able to modify the machine accordding requirement.
For the best packaging the range is OD:800-1700mm.
If your OD Min. 650mm, it is able to modify the machine accordingly. Do worry,just let us know your need.
Our team will provide the possible wrapping solution.
We required following techno-commercial quotations as we want to discuss with our management for finalization of  our requirement .
1. Coil master with single stand .
2. Coil master with 2 stands ( Coil master moving ).
3. Coil master with 2 stands (Coil master still , stands moving) .
4. Vertical slit packing machine with one coil taker (to take coil from turnstile), one trolley to reach out upto pkg m/c , one upender (which will change slit coil position from vertical to horizontal ) .SPECS FOR SLIT COIL PACKING (Item no. 4 ):-
A. COIL ID -508/610 mm.
B. COIL OD – 1200 mm.max.
C. COIL WEIGHT – 1.5 MT max.
D. COIL WIDTH  – Min. 25 mm. to Max. 300 mm.

SPECS FOR COIL PACKING  (Item no. 1,2 &3):-
A. COIL ID -508/610 mm.
B. COIL OD – 1700 mm.max.
C. COIL WEIGHT – 15 MT max.
D. COIL WIDTH  – Min. 500 mm. to Max. 1250 mm.

cutting edge

Radius type ZHFR: applicable to die non-molding. The cutting edge has angular radius.

MHJ chipset: geometric shapes optimized for all applications


Steel handle EBFM.. age… : applicable to application and short overhang

Hard alloy handle EHBFM.. S.. C… : applicable to applications and long


Modularized system HGBFM.. MH.. / SHM.. – l.c.. : can be used for standard thread connection and standard tungsten wire rope


AGH710: good wear resistance of steel, cast iron and hard materials

AGH725: applicable to stainless steel and stainless steel

Application of diffusion cutting materials is a difficult problem in chip control and tool life. The optimum performance of high productivity and long tool life is achieved through the coordination of hierarchical technology and interpolation geometry.

In this paper, we introduce advanced grade design and geometric shapes to achieve accelerated processing of tungsten bars.

MiniForce – Turn ʼ s innovation and multiple cutting edge insert clip

In the dovetail structure, unique design pockets provide the highest design

Insert stability during operation.

– double-sided insertion with positive cut edge:

– cutting performance equals traditional forward insertion

– 4 or 6 cutting edges can be used to reduce tool cost

– the same insert for internal and outside lines:

– hole line: minimum diameter of 12 mm (0.5)

– outside line: for small parts processing on automatic lathes

– ground insertion, high precision machining

Three types of inserts are available:

WHXGU: 80 ° Angle and cutting edge Angle 6

DHXGU: 55 ° Angle with four cutting edge Angle

VHXGU 35 ° Angle with four cutting edge Angle

A variety of tools for many applications of small machines.

Please note the use of this directory:

How to find a tool:

The standard items of how to read lists:

The cutting tool for the information graph provided in this directory is November 2016.

Our products are being modified for further improvement, and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. In addition, due to the development of new products, products may be discontinued in the future.

The size of all products is shown in mm (mm).

The body of an index tool, such as a clamping device, a tool, a bit, is applicable to insert or head to order separately.

The directory classification tool is cut into 5 lines – TurnLine (tool), GrooveLine (slotted tool),

Milling machine (milling cutter), drilling tool (drilling tool) and toro (tool system). The tools in each row are categorized by the application.

THUL’s engineering teams and factories are located near major car factories, providing creative solutions to car customers and improving their production processes.

Heavy industry


THUL’s innovative products help power, rail and shipbuilding companies improve productivity.

Power generation

THUL_ Industry_ Power_ Generation

The high versatility, high quality and robustness of the THUL tools enable the power generation industry to make great progress in the future.

Aeronautics and astronautics

THUL_ Industry_ Aerospace

The TUL is known for its high quality carbide grades, which are best suited for processing foreign materials and hardened steel, in the aerospace industry.

Oil and gas


THUL provides three major parts of the oil and gas industry: upstream, mid-stream, and downstream, which provide a wide range of powerful tools.

Micro parts


THUL offers a variety of products suitable for Swiss machinery, especially for small parts. This produces a high efficiency process and reduces the cost.

Die and mould

Tul_industry. Diemould will create unique technical solutions specifically for the mold industry.




THUL offers a wide selection of hard turning operations for the bearing industry.



The latest AGH3135 and the most popular AGH120 are available for all material processing, and its advantage is that it USES an economy of six angular double-sided blades with a positive cutting edge for milling molds.

– a highly economic Mosaic with six cutting edges:

– the distorted fl cu plane provides a positive fl clearance, which improves the cutting performance of the large dip Angle.

– the Angle and rake surface geometry is optimized to process hardened materials.

– applicable to various cutting conditions with tungsten system:

– modular design of metric thread and tungsten thread is used to provide flexibility in applications with long suspension.

WHXHU04 insertion radius:

R0.5mm (0.0196 inches) : suitable for low-depth, low-width common hard materials (0.039 inches) : due to the increase of Angle steel strength, it is suitable for hardening steel


Module HGFWX04: can be used in the metric thread connection

Tung-Meister thread connection.

These modular heads can be used for the tungsten foot or standard metric of foot or tungsten.


Agagh110: long tool life, because of its main coating and wear-resisting substrate

The product has good surface gloss and stable machining performance, with fixed clamping and minimum grinding capacity.

– insert asymmetric shapes:

– increase the repeatability of index insertion to achieve minimal output and high accuracy

Ball nose type and radius type inserts meet processing needs

In aerospace and die industries.

– high – accuracy ball nose insertion precision, suitable for high – precision 3d milling.

– fix screw contact surface to guide the desired direction of clamping force to ensure insert clamping.

– coolant delivered to the cutting edge:

– the inserted channel provides sufficient coolant for cutting edges in three directions.

– good chip evacuation and cooling effects provide good surface finish and long tool life, milling hardened steel.

Insert in 12 to 20 mm (0.37 to 1.25) of the

Ball nose type ZHFB: applicable to die and die non-die, three-dimensional milling. Applicable to a wide range of operations.

end mill for stainless steel

SHWMT15 insertion

– the large Angle radius at the bottom of the workpiece is in contact with the bottom of the workpiece, which can help bear the impact of machining.

– the large Angle radius is in contact with the workpiece side wall, increasing the fracture strength of multi-depth cutting.

MHJ chipset for SHWMT15 insertion:

Includes a large area of land to withstand the impact load

Wide t-land and a positive rake geometry, allowing the maximum wafer thickness to reach 0.48mm (0.019), and prevent wafer contact machining surfaces


Boring type THXSW15: can be in metric, JIS, and inch boring


The latest AGH3135 and the popular AGH120 are suitable for cast iron, hardened steel and superalloys

New tools have unique insertion design to ensure high stability and incredible productivity

The characteristic of the DoTwistBall is that it has a unique curved insert in both the radius and the range

High feed geometry, clamp on the cross, guaranteed high precision, high stability.

The shape of the rectangle and the twisted clamp inserted into the seat ensures the insertion of anti-rotation, which is to achieve the effect of the cutting radius.

— insert geometry optimization:

– a small chip is formed on the dip Angle of the helical cutting edge to provide an incredible cutting performance.

– cutting edge from the seat surface to avoid contact with screw head to extend the screw life.

– large clamping screw increases reliability when high feed.

– improves the geometry of the cross section of the cutting edge

And the insertion of the circle.

– insert ensures that the 4 corners are used without damaging the unused cutting edges.

– in the same cutting machine, the radius type and the high feed type insert fi (cut size: 04 and 06)

– insert:

High feed type (LHNMX04… And LHNMX06… HJ): suitable for deep cutting of 1.3 and 2 mm (0.051 and 0.0787) respectively for high feed processing

Radius type (LHNMX04. RH4 and LHNMX06… R6… MJ/ml) :

The various materials can be used in RH4 (R0.157) and R6 (R0.236) radius


Handle EHXLN: available metric and inch size

Boring THXLN: can be in metric, JIS and inch size

Modular HGXLN: can be used in metric thread connection

All designs have a rough and close-range design