The SHX rotary dressing table is a combination of our excellent technology with the original design of diamond, precision sintering technology and excellent shaping technology. As a result, SHX has high value in grinding applications that require sharpening. It can also be effective in wire trimming and contour trimming.

X – type rotary trimmer is a kind of metal adhesive impregnated with diamond gravel. The concentration and uniform distribution of diamond gravel is freely chosen to make it have high performance. This type applies to our vita and

As the wheel.

A rotary dresser with a regular pattern of rhombic granules in reverse electroplating. The concentration of diamond can be controlled according to requirements. The SHZ type provides effective input for large rotary dressing table.

High precision of the

The accuracy of rotating dresser is increasingly strict, ranging from micron to submicron. In order to ensure accuracy, we have established a very advanced detection system.

The crown dresser


  1. Working CHVD diamond provides high wear resistance, such as single crystal diamond.
  2. A stable, stable area with a prism.
  3. The product does not have the cost benefit of rework.
  4. Adjust the diamond size and distribution so that it can optimize the dressing performance

Worm wheel and worm wheel need a high profile precision, a capable and accurate dresser. Our high precision electroplating technology and surface shaping technology can realize the “higher precision” and “longer life” of gear grinding.

Diamond is superior to “hardness”, “thermal ductility” and “sharp edge” of polishing. It is used for cutting tool materials. The diamond cutter has the characteristics of ultra-precision, long service life, high machining efficiency and high cutting precision.

As a leading manufacturer of ultra-precision diamond cutting tools, the company offers a wide range of nano and micro – shaped tools to meet market demand.

Our years of experience and knowledge have given us a comprehensive understanding of the single best physical features