face milling cutter

And face milling cutter

DHGC is generic facemill, which provides consumers with a lot of cost savings. 45 ° and accept double square and octagonal insert tool, to reduce the user’s initial cost, while improving productivity in general rough milling.

DHGC inserts


Cost efficiency is highlighted with DHGC octagonal insertion. DHGC has 16 cutting edges at the cutting depth of 3mm, which greatly reduces initial investment. Square liner provides 8 cutting edges, cutting at 6 mm depth and providing an elite surface finish. Patented ZX coating enhanced square and octagonal DHGC liner, extending tool life and increasing wear resistance. ZX coating improves the tool life and cost efficiency of DHGC and provides ideal surface finish for mechanics

DHNX face milling cutter

DHNX is a flour mill for processing cast iron and steel. The combination of 25 ° DHNX cutter blade type and insert design allows a wider application range from low stiffness and general heavy milling.


Unique insertion design

The DHNX inserts are designed in v-shape, with two types of chips (general and h-type heavy milling), and the straight blade (sh). Because eight cutting blades are 1.5 times more efficient than their main competitors, the inserts offer significant cost savings.

MHSX high feed processing plant

MHSX high-speed milling cutter achieves high feed rate. IPT with a significant shortening cycle. To ensure higher hardness and accuracy, MHSX adopts dual clamping system. MHSX milling cutter is suitable for spiral application of ordinary steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and cast iron. MHSX can be used in the shanks of Weldon(EW) and cylindrical (EHLC) types and the recently available shell mill(R) styles.

Insert availability

MHSX has two types of insertions: generic and honed (H). Recommended steel insertion levels include the PHVD coating AHCP200 and AHCP300. For cast iron applications, the AHCK200 insertion level of AHCK300 and CHVD coatings with PHVD coatings is recommended. The coating blade has good anti-fracture property, and the CHVD coating blade has good adhesion and abrasion resistance. AHCM200 and AHCM300 can also be used in stainless steel processing.