cutting tool

CHVD single cutting tool for resin material

This new type of single crystal diamond material makes it suitable for mirror cutting of difficult resin materials, such as polycarbonate, and large area of outer cutting.

Ultra-precision diamond cutting hardened steel, hard alloy and glass are possible with dedicated UPC

The characteristics of elliptical vibration cutting

  1. Mirror finish of stainless steel and stainless steel
  2. Stable mirror finish of hard alloy and glass
  3. High precision Angle cutting
  4. The work about 41 KHZ high frequency makes ȝ 1 m or more elliptical vibration
  5. The ultra-precision elliptical vibration trajectory tracking technology is less than 1nm
  6. The small vibration of the product can be connected with ultra-precision machinery or machining center
  7. With ac 100V work, no special installation is required

Amazing cutting ability and cutting tool life ensure high precision and efficient machining.

The Features

  1. Single crystal diamond material for work

CHVD method.

These tools have the general characteristics of single crystal diamond. Increased surface area to reduce costs.

  1. Longer tool life

100% diamond material has no binder. These tools live longer or longer than PHCDS.

  1. Mirror finish and no burrs

Through polishing and sharpening cutting edge, the cutting resistance reduces to a third of PHCD, improves machining accuracy and reduces burr.

  1. The long front

The larger surface area of the stone is used to ensure the stable supply of the cutting edge of 6 mm or above.

PHCD rotation tool


Multiple parts can be processed in a single channel using an integrated approach

A tool for step formation.

  1. Diamond provides a significantly improved tool life (10 times or longer).
  2. The product has a fast cutting speed and good machining surface

More than 300 meters per minute.

  1. Even in the use of emulsion water solubility, stable cutting is possible

The coolant. According to your environment, half dry cut is also possible.


Non-ferrous metals (aluminum alloy, copper alloy, resin, etc.)