Today, different types of packaging machines are chosen for end-to-end packaging solutions across a wide range of industries. There are various innovatively manufactured stretch wrap machines including round drip wrap machines, stretch wrap machines, vertical coil stretch wrap machines, strapping line wrap film wrap machines, horizontal stretch wrap machines and coil stretch wrap machines. They provide professional and robust plastic packaging systems. Among them, horizontal winding machines are more commonly used in various industries. For the purpose of this report, the market is segmented into four different sections, namely, region, level of automation, and product type.

Recent studies suggest that the overall stretch wrapping machine market is valued at $758.1 million by the end of 2018. By the end of 2026, it is expected to reach a new height of USD 1,356.08 million with a CARG rate of 7.5%.

Factors Impacting the Horizontal Wrapping Machine Market

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A glimpse of horizontal stretch wrapping machine industry trends 3-2

A glimpse of horizontal stretch wrapping machine industry trends 3-3

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